Uncovering Spooky Milton Hall History
January, 2018

We were very excited to welcome Eastern Electricity (Cambridge) Former Employees Association EECFEA to Milton Hall on Wednesday 17th January when they hired our boardroom. Members of the EECFEA worked at the Milton Hall site between the 1960’s and the early 1990’s so returning to the manor house to see it fully renovated was very much on their agenda. We took some time out to chat to the lovely ladies and gentlemen about their time here and found out some fantastic facts about Milton Hall’s history.

  • Eastern Electricity bought the Hall in 1948, along with 32 acres of land (where the housing estate at the back is now) including a lot of outbuildings, one of which was apparently used as a mortuary in World War II.
  • They used the grounds as a craft training centre – they had a helicopter and a helipad.
  • The caretaker of the Milton Hall site lived at North Lodge – the name of the old house over to the far left if you are facing the entrance of the North Lodge housing estate. 
  • In the early 1980’s Clive Sinclair bought the Hall for his company and Eastern Electricity moved to the outbuildings – even utilising the old mortuary which was (unsurprisingly) said to be haunted.
  • One of the ladies remembers that they used to have races in Clive Sinclair’s C5’s and they enjoyed watching them as they ate their sandwiches on the lawns in the summer.
  • In the 1990s they built and moved into a new building, which is now the Nokia building next door to us on Ely Road, at the entrance of the housing estate.
  • All the outbuildings, including the old mortuary, were demolished after the move.

They said they could recognise a lot of the building as the shape of it has remained the same, apart from the basement area; the ground around this was lowered by Clive Sinclair at a later date.

They were delighted to be having their meeting in our Boardroom and they have booked another room for their next meeting in April. 

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